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“The thing is . . . to dazzle.”

            ~  Giacomo Casanova

Engagement 1 Services

Our Strategy + Your Culture = Deep Engagement


Engagement 1 is a specialized agency focused on the client acquisition, branding, business development strategy and revenue growth needs of High Trust Professionals and their firms.

Engagement 1 techniques bring together emotional firm narratives, passionate brands, more memorable client experiences and future-facing strategy to create special notice, generate momentum and gather market significance. This significance is the flame that attracts new clients, referrals and bigger deals more often.

Engagement 1 brands are always designed to appeal to the prospect’s and client’s senses directly. This sensual approach charges each product or service with greater emotional energy. This energy inspires deeper client feelings of attachment, and these attachments are what keep the business relationship warm, positive, resilient, close and substantial for the long-term.

8 Key Services Joined into 1 Strategic Focus for the Growth of Your Business




Engagement Assements & Audits

For any journey to be successful, knowing exactly where you are at the start is key. Crimson Vue is Engagement 1’s special assessment and audit service that uses ethnographic review techniques and cultural intelligence to get to the complex heart of what makes your firm special. This phase defines your engagement strengths, weaknesses, growth opportunities and areas of concern.

Simultaneously, Crimson Vue identifies your top engagement assets, most robust cultural traditions, strongest emotional foundations and biggest, best Why. These elements, when brought together in a special way, set the stage to innovate your practice, energize your brand and help craft your narrative as you go to market.

Idea Development

Innovation is the creation of something new and market-worthy, often from blending the structures of two or more existing elements. It’s also one of only two things that revered business guru Peter Drucker stated actually makes money for the enterprise (the other is marketing). The fuel that drives innovation are big ideas.

A substantial slice of the Crimson Vue assessment phase is focused on the discovery of tangible engagement assets. These assets are the raw material for the second phase: Big Red Bulb. Here, rough concepts are weighed for cultural value, organizational fit, innovation potential and market impact. The biggest idea — the one that differentiates your firm and resonates best with your Why — will serve as the centerpiece of your innovative engagement efforts.

brand design

The best brands are sincere, unique narrative promises made and consistently kept by the company promoting them. These brands and the stories they tell are emotional shorthand for what makes a business and its offerings significant and unique in its claimed markets. Adoration Brands takes the powerful idea that survives the sorting of the Big Red Bulb phase and refines, polishes and sets it in a unique marketing context.

People are hard-wired to give special consideration to the differences between things. Your singular context and the differentiated stories that it generates will breathe life into your brand and build superior value and engagement velocity to penetrate the heart of target markets, heat up referrals and maintain high interest in the minds of invested clients.

image narrative
Before any brand leaves home and is exposed to the outside world, it should first be well-integrated into the culture of the parent organization. As a deep promise, it’s imperative that your brand aligns with your people and that they align with it. This is a case of not only what is being said but how the brand story is told and — even more crucial — Why the brand exists as it does.

Engagement Prime conveys the brand to your culture in a trustworthy manner. But this phase also delivers your culture to the brand through ongoing internal engagement marketing. This is done while considering firm image, the central narrative and how the brand will be seen, experienced, embraced and articulated from the inside out.

marketing strategy

Once a powerful brand is established at the center and along all spokes of your company, taking that brand to market is the next vital step in any successful engagement process. While many marketers move quickly toward tactics at this stage, tactics without a well-considered governing strategy always rings random. The business can easily lose track of its best destination, which is always an expensive waste of time, energy and resources.

Hearts Strategic is the Engagement 1 phase designed to provide an overarching cadence and consistent context to your brand as it moves to market. This rhythm and framework is what informs direction, builds internal and external buy-in, focuses energy and ultimately guides the choice of engagement tactics. Firms that desire growth ignore strategy at their peril.

coaching training image

Establishing your brand within the cultural fabric of your company is a big deal. But just as vital is the integration of that brand message into the hearts and minds of those who work with you. Engagement Stars supports the extraordinary growth of purpose, as articulated by your brand, through customized coaching, personal training and in-house engagement consulting.

This mix of services brings light to your bespoke process and each individual’s place within it. This allows for the cultural promises made by your brand to be fully embraced by your people. Then those promises can be fully promoted by the entire practice, turning everyone — from broom closet to C-suite — into rainmakers.

This move toward full engagement means your brand message will be delivered seamlessly at all points of client contact.

social media & public relations

The strength of technology lies in its ability to make brand narrative information easily accessible to a wide range of people. Social media, whether in the form of a blog or Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter post, allows corporate stories to be continuously told in attractive nuggets.

Public relations delivers classic content centered around firm highlights and announcements to interested audiences through short articles and timely releases. While typically not as global as the content experienced through social media platforms, classic PR complements them well, with or without advertising.

Passion Heart Media brings these two elements together strategically. For Engagement 1 clients, they are vital tools to capture the market’s imagination and increase the tempo of audience response through the written word.

lead generation & client acquisition

Attract the Hearts emphasizes the reach of alternative engagement forms. This may be extended articles, essays and white papers along with events, media interview series, purpose-built organizations and newsletters. This coordinated grouping goes beyond the impact range typically seen in social media or public relations by delivering more substantial samples and complimentary substance distilled from a broader narrative scope.

As the name suggests, the focus of this service is to generate more prospect interest and aligned emotional responses. Attract the Hearts is deployed with the support of the forms seen in the Passion Heart Media phase.

When all 8 phases are orchestrated together, rich client experiences, greater market attention, high levels of perceived value and improved positions for thought leadership are the profitable result.

Why Engagement Should Be Your Firm’s Top Priority


High Trust Professional firms and practices all over the world seek the same primary outcomes: a greater number of top-tier clients, more closed deals, increased revenues and greater profits.

And while it’s true that technical expertise is the first gateway to good outcomes in these areas, it is engagement that propels the most powerful practices and lifts these businesses above their competition.

Engagement 1 was founded to help Managing Partners, Partnership Groups, Owners and other decision-makers who are willing to embrace bold choices in order to successfully navigate their markets. The Engagement 1 difference is both strategic and comprehensive, encompassing a firm’s staff, practice cultures, client experiences and the actual processes in place  in order to differentiate your brand and produce the best outcomes.

The heart of this difference is the search for and leverage of each company’s authentic self, embodied in its narrative.

The next step: finding the right target clients for them and sharing that moving narrative with them.

Because these tenets are most true: every prospect is Not a good fit for every firm. And it’s Not the product or service that matters most .  It’s the story around the offering that captivates clients, ignites their imaginations, draws them in and keeps them close.

As simple as it may sound, Engagement 1 helps the top firms be their best selves . . . but on purpose.

That is the root of great engagement.

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