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Giacomo Girolamo Casanova

April 2, 1725 – June 4, 1798

“I know that I have lived because I have felt.”

            ~  Giacomo Casanova

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The Man, the Myth, the Adventurer


Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, whose name for more than 250 years, has been synonymous with the term womanizer, was far more than that. Born April 2, 1725, Casanova was a Venetian adventurer and by turns an author, diplomat, gourmand, medic, philosopher, soldier, mystic, businessman, spy, clergyman, gambler, artist, musician, traveler, lawyer, charlatan, librarian, linguist, social climber and renowned love, from Venice, the Sin City of his day.

A graduate of the University of Padua with a degree in law, Casanova was simultaneously a devout Catholic and romantic melodramatist who was recognized by his contemporaries as a man of most extraordinary quality.

A bold traveler of the European continent and self-made nobleman, he had a far-ranging intellect, phenomenal memory, grand personal style, powerful insight and a constant sense of curiosity. Casanova became, through his writings, known as one of the foremost chroniclers of the customs, attitudes, events and culture of his age.

Why make Casanova the human inspiration for our marketing firm?

Because Casanova was, above all else, a man of passion in all of his meaningful pursuits. He was driven in his quest for compelling answers that went well beyond the conventional. He was also innovative in his ability to find or create solutions that would suit the needs of the moment.

Giacomo Casanova is our inspiration because of his devotion to the power of human connections. We revere his clarity of purpose, use of social theatre, biting wit, sensuality, boldness, creativity and appreciation for narratives fueled by emotional energy. All of these elements directly mirror the character, intensity, life and purpose of Casanova Engagement.

Engagement 1 is a marketing firm focused on building profitable products and services through passionate Brands, emotive Brand Narratives, memorable client experiences and deep market strategy.

Our techniques are creative and deliver special notice, momentum and significance in the marketplace.

The Brands we create are designed to appeal to the potential client or buyer’s senses. This sensual appeal weaves greater emotional energy into our clients’ products and services to inspire deeper customer feeling and attachments.

These attachments are what keep the relationship warm, positive, resilient, energetic and substantial for the long term.


Countdown to Casanova's 300th Birthday








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